The Beer Mile is a unique running event that combines running and speed drinking. In this race, participants complete a 1-mile (1.6 km) course while consuming four 12-ounce (355 ml) beers at equal intervals between each of the four laps. The objective is not to set a fast pace or break any records, but rather to finish the race while consuming beer at each station.

The Beer Mile is a fun, unconventional race that mixes running and beer drinking. Participants run a one-mile course, divided into four laps, and drink a full beer before starting each lap. This means four beers are consumed in total, one before each lap.


  1. Popularity Among Friends: It's often enjoyed by groups of friends or runners who like both running and beer. The event has gained popularity but isn't officially recognized by major running organizations.
  2. Rules and Regulations: The event has specific rules. Runners usually must drink canned beers of a certain brand, opened on-site and consumed in a designated area. There are also time limits for each lap, with potential penalties for not drinking the beer or finishing the lap in time.
  3. Challenges: The Beer Mile tests endurance and drinking ability. It's not just about running fast; quickly drinking each beer without spilling or feeling sick is also part of the challenge. Practice runs are recommended before taking part in an official race.
  4. Risks and Safety: While it's a fun event, combining running and alcohol can be risky. Participants should drink responsibly, arrange for a designated driver or a sober companion, and be aware of alcohol's effects, like dehydration and loss of coordination.

In summary, the Beer Mile is a light-hearted race that combines fitness with socializing and beer drinking. It's an entertaining way to celebrate with friends, but it's important to approach it with responsibility and caution due to the risks involved with alcohol consumption and physical activity.


The origin of the Beer Mile can be traced back to Canada in 1989, where seven Canadian runners in their late teens and early 20s came up with the idea during a post-run drink. They decided to combine drinking beer and running by swilling four beers and sprinting four laps, repeating the process for each lap. The first Beer Mile was held on a warm August night on the Burlington Central High School track in Ontario. The event gained popularity in colleges and has since spread globally, with world championships and a heavily trafficked beer mile forum.
The Beer Mile's popularity can be attributed to its unique combination of athleticism and socializing, as well as the challenge it presents to participants. The event has attracted a wide range of people, from casual runners to competitive athletes, and has even been adopted by running clubs, startups, and Olympic teams. While the Beer Mile may not be for everyone, it has become a beloved tradition for many who participate in it for its fun and unique challenge.