Negative splits in running refer to a pacing strategy where the second half of a race is completed faster than the first half. This approach involves starting the race at a slightly slower pace and gradually increasing speed throughout the race, finishing with a strong and fast final portion.

Negative splits are often considered an effective strategy for achieving personal bests and maintaining energy for a strong finish. This approach is commonly used by competitive runners and has been associated with improved race performance and a more positive racing experience.


  1. Energy Conservation: In longer races like marathons, starting slower conserves energy for the later stages, allowing for a strong finish.
  2. Warming Up the Body: Starting at a more moderate pace lets your body gradually warm up, preparing for a faster pace towards the end.
  3. Overall Effectiveness: Though it might seem strange to start slower, this strategy often leads to better overall performance for runners at all levels.


To achieve negative splits in a race, several strategies can be employed:

  1. Structured Workouts: Incorporate negative splits into training by running single-speed workouts where the same speed is maintained for the entirety of the run, and the last few repetitions are run slightly faster.
  2. Conservative Pacing: Start the race at a manageable pace, ensuring it is slower than the target race pace. This allows for energy conservation and sets the stage for a strong finish.
  3. Gradual Speed Increase: As the race progresses, gradually increase the running speed, aiming to run the last 10-15% of the race faster.
  4. Passing Competitors: Focus on catching and passing other runners in the second half of the race, which can boost confidence and provide a tangible goal.
  5. Strong Finish: Plan to finish the race with a kick, increasing speed for the last mile or the final portion of the race.

By employing these strategies, runners can effectively achieve negative splits, leading to improved race performance and a more positive racing experience.