A race packet, also known as a race bib or race number, is a document or tag that identifies and confirms a participant's registration for a race or event. It typically includes the runner's information, such as their name, age, gender, and race number, as well as any relevant event information, such as the race distance, date, and location.

In larger races, race packets are often picked up in person on race day or the day before, and they serve as a way to track and identify participants during the event. Some race packets may also include additional items, such as timing chips, event programs, or promotional materials from sponsors.


  1. Bib Number and Timing Chip: The most crucial items. The bib number identifies you and may include your name and race details. The timing chip records your start and finish times for accurate results.
  2. Race Shirt and Gear: Often includes a technical t-shirt or other items to wear during the race.
  3. Event Information: Maps of the race course, locations of water and aid stations, and race rules or guidelines.
  4. Additional Details: Information about parking, bag check facilities, and meet-up spots for post-race gatherings.
  5. Promotional Items: Some packets may have extras like water bottles or stickers.


  • Usually, you'll pick it up at a designated location before the race, though some events might mail it to you.


  • The race packet ensures you're well-informed and equipped for the event. Reviewing its contents before race day is crucial for a smooth and successful experience.

In summary, a race packet contains vital materials like your bib number and timing chip, race-specific gear, and important race information. It's essential for runners to familiarize themselves with the packet's contents to fully prepare for the race.


A typical race packet usually includes the following items:

  1. Race Bib: This is a numbered tag that is pinned to the runner's clothing and is used to identify and track the participant during the race.
  2. Event Shirt: Many race packets include an event shirt, which serves as a memento of the race and is often worn by participants during the event.
  3. Goodie Bag: This may contain various items such as samples, coupons, or promotional materials from event sponsors.
  4. Timing Chip: In some races, a timing chip or tag is provided to accurately record the participant's race time.
  5. Clear Bag for Race Day: This is used for stowing personal items on race day and is often provided to participants for convenience.
  6. Event Information: This may include any forms participants need to fill out, as well as details about the race, such as the course map, start time, and other important race details.

These items are typically distributed to participants when they pick up their race packets, which often occurs the day before the race or on race day itself.